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Your car’s air conditioning system is vital for staying cool during the summer months and for quicker defrosting of your windows during the colder winter months. Many vehicle owners fail to invest in proper maintenance for their air conditioning even though most manufacturers recommend that you service your system at least every two years, this can therefore result in costly breakdowns and substandard performance.

Just like any other mechanical component in your vehicle, your air conditioning requires regular maintenance if it is to provide you with the same high level of performance. Uckfield Motor Services’ air conditioning servicing will ensure that your air conditioning system is fully serviced and restored back to prime condition.

Every year your air conditioning system loses as much as 10% of its charge. At Uckfield Motor Services, our air conditioning service includes a re-charge (also known as re-gassing), which refills the refrigerant liquid and the lubricant that the system needs to operate as it should. Our service also includes a full leak inspection, if we do discover a leak, then we’ll provide a quote for a full repair service to fix the problem. This quote will include all labour, parts and VAT and we’ll never carry out any additional repairs without you instructing us to do so first.

We can undertake this service quickly and efficiently at a fixed price of £69 and you can wait on-site at our Uckfield workshop whilst we service the system.

Is your air conditioning giving off an odd smell?

If your car’s air conditioning is giving off an odd smell, there could be bacteria growing inside of the system. Whilst this is nothing to worry about, it does require cleaning with industrial-grade anti-bacterial to ensure that the smell is eradicated and that any bacteria is removed.

An award-winning, family-run, independent garage, Uckfield Motor Services provides a wide range of garage services. We are highly recommended and have customers not only in the local Uckfield area but from all across East Sussex. We’re proud to be approved members of HEVRA which is a national association of garages that are qualified to repair and service electric and hybrid vehicles.

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